Neon Bandits

Neon Bandits is a Boston based company that delivers unique and performance-ready socks. 


As their Graphic Desing Intern for Fall 2018, I created custom designs for incoming clients. Designing for the sock was a new challenge for me as well as matching client's wants and standards for apparel design. 

Fall 2018



While working with Neon Bandits, I would collaborate with clients on their vision and design requirements for the socks. These requests varied with certain clients wanting a specific logo, symbol or colors. 

RISE came with the request to use their logo on the outside of the leg. Additionally, they gave CMYK colors that they use in their promotional messaging. I used their cold brew cans as inspiration as well as their promotional posts on their website and social media.

To design the socks for production, I utilized a sock mock-up template. This created a smoother transition when the socks were being produced. The templates include a front, side, and back view of the socks, Pantone colors, and written details about the placement of design elements.


The Collection

Throughout my 4 month internship, I was able to design a variety of socks for a large range of companies. Here is a collection of some of my favorite mockups.