Graphic Design

Through my time in school, I have completed a variety of print design projects ranging from postcards, books, and posters. These projects have evolved my understanding of the visual design and my own personal style. This is a collection of that work as well as some personal projects and animations.

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Trips From Home

Trips From Home

Information Design : 2019

The project was to deliver information about three separate "trips". Along with the trips, we were required to label the actions that we took. 


For this poster, I was inspired by how subway maps provide clear information through colorful lines that guide passengers to their destination. My icons represent actions such as listening to music, driving, sleeping, eating that occurred within my trip. 

National Park Posters

Graphic Design : 2018

After researching the different locations of various parks, I chose Biscayne National Park, Olympic National Park, and the Big Bend. I wanted to work with varied park locations, coral reefs, forests, and cliffs. Additionally, I wanted to see how I could work with geometric shapes to represent natural and organic parks.

The project was to create a series of posters advertising three U.S. National Parks. The guidelines were very open and allowed for creative freedom, only requiring that each poster contained three icons, a title, the park location, and the copy: "U.S. National Parks Service" and "U.S. Department of Interior." 


Banksy Poster

Typography : 2018

This assignment was to develop a poster in InDesign to organize information in an organized way to demonstrate the descriptions and definitions from my research. The overall dynamics of the poster must attract the reader and project a personal approach without interfering with content and readability. 


Utilizing navigation through a hierarchy of text and image I was able to clearly demonstrate typographic information while maintaining a creative vision. For my personal element, I used Banksy as inspiration and used their art for visuals throughout the poster. 

Combinded progress_Page_18.jpg

Lorde Portrait 

Graphic Design : 2017

The assignment was to create a portrait of a celebrity with the restriction of only using the Adobe Illustrator pen tool and solid color. This portrait is one of my favorite illustrative pieces and I enjoyed the meticulous process it took to create it.  

LORDE .png

For this assignment, each student was assigned a Country and a list of data points about the land, its people and resources to visualize. I used the continent of Africa as a way to organize and space out the data visualizations as well as icons to describe information. 

Information Design : 2019

Ivory Coast